Welcome to MEDCO's FAQ and on-line training, the effective way to start using MEDCO's products efficiently. Here, there is a list of frequently asked questions and the answers are found by clicking the question. Or if you can't find the answer your looking for then please feel free to Ask a question.


General Questions:

  1. What do I need to run a software program by MEDCO?

Questions on FACT

  1. How do I create a new string and move it working reel? (2 mins 49 sec 7.2 Mbytes

  2. How do I cut a string from existing reel and move new string to same reel (2 mins 13 secs 6.5 Mbytes)

  3. How do I add a new CT size to my database in FACT? (33 secs 1.3 Mbytes)

  4. How to use multi CTF files in FACT? (1 min 10 secs 3.88 Mbytes)


Questions on DART

  1. How do I configure DART to work with the U1?

  2. Installing DART version 1.98

Questions on REAM HMI

  1. How do I calibrate an analogue channel


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